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Buying large love the Christmas Nordic air scoop board ~ ^ ^ 3 see who can not move?


(like the feel of the sunset ah ~)

Dolphin is busy with work practice rooms,

Daily practice home and a lot of work, if it weren't for just tired faster coma... (tears)

This article, I three weeks ago already really want to really want to write,

But those who can't afford any time...

Today, I decided to must take the time to write and the ,

Because I just love this 【 Christmas Nordic air scoop board 】!!


In fact I bought last month has the cloak ~

Buying site is APM, I buy just is the last one!

Then buy, I really excited, but was not free to wear it on the streets.

Its appearance is like this:


Cloak design and northern wind pattern ~ today season big heat ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!

Amplification a bit see pattern:


Is snow and deer! Really good with Christmas feel ~ ~ ~ (xinxin heart)

Wear good feel Christmas ~ ~ ~

Make busy painful I'm looking forward to a happy Christmas to come ~

In the upper part of the body is like this:


(wow! Super Bear Bear I love ~ ~ ~)

(I have facebook, has seen such a photo?)


(penguin ah ~ ~ ~ although this pictures have to color a little strange.


(come again big penguin ~ ~ ~ cute ~ ~ it is like love I, the body to I pour, ah!


(and the sea lion!! Or lovely ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ VVV)


(and the polar bear ~ ~ ~ you think it like dog? ~ ha, I feel a little bit like paparazzi than bear!)

I wonder if we ever be these lovely hair doll temptation?

Please put the key back to see my 【 Christmas Nordic air scoop board 】 ~ ~ ~ you feel beautiful?

Personally I love it x10000000000000000000 ah!!!!!

The quality of a material and it was a bit of a thickness and soft, it is also Tory Burch Flip Flops very comfortable!

That doesn't love its reason ~ ~ ~


However, I am not help it advertise ah! Ha ha ~

I also don't know there still can buy it ~

Just, I really want to share with you the beautiful beautiful's cloak!

Do you have this year buy cloak wear? Cloak this season is really red burst ~

Dolphin in Australia in the previous year bought person the first thing cloak,

It is @ # $% &. Hk 1 st Anniversary - Editors Gathering! Wear it:


(Gathering review:

After the purchase, a lot of people speak beautiful praise, and with my good phase contrast ~

So I to cloak well-disposed ~ he ~

Recently, taobao and take a fancy to a fairy cloak:


I have bought, but hasn't take credit ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Really looking forward to, to credit when I put it on again to share ~ ^ ^


Haven't a challenge in cloak, this year fast to challenge the ~

For this year's cloak design more diversified, more Tory Burch Outlet easily find the right style? ~

Maybe you wear fell in love with ~

Finally, in fact I clean out treasure to buy shoes have of,

Is Christmas Nordic style, and all to have hair linings, beautiful fun, but today don't have time to write to

Today only gives a picture you see (from taobao sellers) :


Want to see words, please push a moment, I'll share! ~ ^ ^

In Dolphin busy to dying time also out of the text, I sincerely hope that you can leave a message support it ~ ~ ~ ~!

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