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COCA released Outdoor 2012 market survey report

March 1, 2013, the Chinese outdoor market 2012 annual survey report released by the China Textile Commerce Association Outdoor Branch (COCA) in the the ISPO sports industry forum. And the scene of many outdoor famous brands, dealers, media to share the results of the development of the outdoor market in 2012.

COCA from the annual survey report released in 2007, China's outdoor market, has been published continuously for seven years. The aim is a summary of the development of the outdoor industry each year and look forward to the coming year, the trend of the outdoor industry, to help companies understand the market as a whole, and to provide a detailed and reliable information reference for enterprises to develop a business plan for next year, compared to the past, COCA annual survey report writing, increase efforts to visit more cities and regions, and collected thousands of pieces of the questionnaire, and invited the industry veteran depth interviews. I believe that this year's survey report will, as always, the outdoor industry's most credible industry research report.

The report shows that the rapid development of China's outdoor market in 2012, total retail sales for the year to 14.52 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of 34.94%; the brand shipped a total of 7.39 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of 36.1%. It is worth mentioning that the domestic brands billings for two consecutive years beyond the foreign brands, the rise of the nation's own brand, a new pattern in the outdoor market in China. The domestic market in 2012, a total of 823 outdoor brands, an increase of 14.78% compared with 717 in 2011, including 405 domestic brands, compared with 343 in 2011, an increase of 18.08%, foreign brands to 418, compared with 374 in 2011 months, an increase of 11.77%.

Domestic and foreign brands have different levels of increase, even better performance of domestic brands, the growth rate of the domestic brands more than foreign brands for three consecutive years; billings of domestic brands more than foreign brands for two consecutive years, began to lead China's outdoor market . Product line further towards rationalization.

Channels for a good momentum of development, and department store channels still maintained a strong growth momentum, the sudden emergence of the network channels, is developing rapidly, doubling outdoor supplies has become one of the new channel model.

Retrospect and Prospect, the outdoor industry is a the typical sunrise industry, the industry is still in the introduction stage, is still a huge market space; brands herd growth, more will begin to layout product differentiation "rational competitive awareness; channel diversification, and retail environments Depression, shopping malls and outdoor stores to face inventory, financial pressure, low gross profit growth Road, need to channel the face; over the past 10 years, outdoor products, high-end (expensive), low end (cheap) grow significantly, while the relatively inferior performance in the end product / brand suppliers convergence, enhanced quality control, in the end product / brand should have better performance in the future.