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The romance sparked at the turn of the 19th From century Enlightenment and Classicism . The romance had its center in Germany with Caspar David Friedrich . In England, this style of painting is dedicated to including Joseph Mallord William Turner. The term ` romantic ' became a symbol for the idea rich and soulful , which should be the opposite of the mind moderating . The word " romance " was first described in 1798 by the German critic Friedrich Schlegel as " Romantic poetry" . In Germany, this style became very popular and soon thereafter also known in France Klimt Gustav paintings by the writer Madame de Stael .

Under romance is meant primarily as a modern revival of the prestigious , intellectual and artistic attitude of the Middle Ages . Stylistically handed the painting of the linearity of the Germans to the picturesque details with the French. Important for both directions, the colors and vibration effects were . After 1820, the romance became less important than the realists began in the years after 1840 , to consider their environment less emotional and emotional