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The best times are now
Among my good proposed for 2013 is to continue to pursue my goals and work to achieve my dreams . Nothing can scratch my determination ! Even the memory of the past year , which has seen many good changes but also a sense of awe and helplessness in the face of difficulties that many of us have experienced.

Dip - Oils on canvas ( c) Francesco Fontana
The art helps to regain enthusiasm


But if we survived the depression group ( rather than the recession) that we can not look back and say to ourselves that we can no longer put off until better times what really matters to us . There will be better times if we do not improve our present. The time  Michael Sowa Sharks of Suburbia that we sacrifice ourselves , locked in defense, it is a time that will never return . The time is here and now. Act with more courage , is the only antidote to the temptation not to believe in anything .
Creativity saves us from disenchantment
Poor country, crushed by the abuse of power - Sinatra sang more than twenty years ago. Our disenchantment can understand. But painting , theater Franz Marc Blue Horse , music came to life even in times of war , lack of freedom, in misery . We do not consider art a good superfluous. Creativity is what can save us. It nourishes the soul !
Happy new year ! : ) Francesco Fontana
PS . Registration is open to my painting classes . Come in and try to tell us about your needs.

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