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American paintings appreciate --- Thomas Kinkade "Heading Home"

Home is where the heart is.

Painting soldiers returning from battle possible way, carrying a simple luggage, dressed carry coat, step by step to the light direction. We do not see the faces of soldiers, but we are well aware that his heart was filled with joy. Soldier's home, perhaps there was elderly mother, or there was a beloved lover. Bid farewell to the past troubles, to shake off the worries of the past, progress towards the direction of home, bright place full of hope.
Thomas Kinkade was born in 1958 in California, when the old graffiti, painting talent on the show. It is a devout Christian, creative purpose is to praise God created nature, is the most representative of the 17th century Dutch painter Rembrandt's followers, was NALED (National Association of Limited Edition Dealers) named the year's most good painter, but also the most popular collection of contemporary American family favorite painter.

Heading Home.jpg

Thomas Kinkade Heading Home

[Creative Style]
Artistic landscape. Thomas Kinkade most adept lyrical landscapes, depicting American favorite field scenery, its magnificent paintings full of light and shadow change, most especially in the text next to the paintings will raise under the Holy Spirit, and therefore is classified as a spiritual works of art, has been called the painter of Light, "the painter of light." Recently published on its website <the Heart of San Francisco> the rural landscape beyond the previous theme, the city will be included in the works, but also presents another Fan flavor. In 2001, 2004 was also nominated, but did not award.

[Agent Unit]
In fact, Thomas Kinkade Company, formerly known as Media Arts Group, Inc., the company in 1994 in the United States successfully listed on NASDAQ Exchange, Nasdaq, the 279 Gallery Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries specialize in selling his paintings copied, but was in 2004 their personal company The Thomas Kinkade Company acquisitions back, cancel public. Media Arts Group management team in 2001 set up another Creative Brands Group (CBG), these players have accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in brand licensing and art licensing agent with nearly 10 artists, whose works will use home accessories, household goods, furniture , calendars, books and collectibles on.

[Authorization results]
Currently there are more than 60 cumulative licensees and authorized in more than 300 galleries worldwide, more than 4,000 distribution points, sales copy Thomas Kinkade paintings and licensed products. Works widely used in wallpaper, wallpaper, puzzles, household goods, stationery paper, and even computer games background, the most special is that he was also involved in CD production. "Thomas Kinkade: Music Of Light" this CD features the continuation of its paintings, music, sounds beautiful, warm and touching propaganda, listening to music, looking at the paintings, you can almost feel the angels are singing the melody ear from heaven.

Thomas Kinkade has for several years before becoming the subject of art licensing industry's first brand licensing Ten, 2000 single annual turnover of $ 140 million, in 2001 to 130 million, according to 2006/04 "License Authorization magazine" The latest <101 Leading Licensors-Significant worldwide retail sales gains in2005> Statistics, Thomas Kinkade brand single annual revenue in 2005 was $ 360 million in worldwide license revenue brands ranked 55, compared with 2001, the revenue of just four years that growth three times, ranking first art licensing brand revenue throne....

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