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A love story. Samson and Delilah


Samson - the great hero of ancient Israel. His name means "strong". Samson was born in a family of Israeli judge Manoah and his beautiful wife. There is the following legend about the birth of a boy. Once to Manoah the angel appeared in a dream and predicted that soon his childless wife will give birth to an heir who save Jews from attacking them for decades Philistines.

In exchange for a divine miracle Samson had to stay until the end of the life of a Nazarite, to serve God, not to drink alcohol and never shave his hair. Happy father promised angel fulfill God's will and brought up his son according to the injunction.

The boy grew remarkably brave and courageous, and his heroic force in the land of Judah began to spread rumors unprecedented. It was said that once a brave young man ripped hands mouth living lion, and in one of the battles with the Philistines he killed about a thousand enemies. Around Samson legends, some have tried to unravel the secret of his strength, others admired the unusual boys, others offered him for a great reward to reveal his secret. But he remained adamant.


Soon the boy was appointed a judge, and after a few years he has led the enslaved people of Israel. Although the hero led unrighteous life, he enjoyed great respect among citizens. In addition, he was feared and did not want to start a debate with the irascible, stubborn and willful Samson.

Often he entered into battle with the Philistines, and did not give them, who arrived from the far island of Crete, and prevailed in his native land for forty years, to continue to invade the south and grab more and more Jewish land. Philistine commanders could not cope with the Jewish bogatyrёm. The fame of unprecedented physical strength of Samson quickly spread all the cities and villages.


Women adored him, he was responsible for their feelings and falling in love with another beautiful woman, lost his head, became submissive, humble and meek. Once Samson came to the Philistine city of Gaza and met a beautiful woman of the Philistines Delilah. She also did not differ piety and even was known as the girl very tricky and treacherous. However, the Jewish hero fell in love with Delilah, and spent her entire evening.

The Philistines, having learned that the city is their worst enemy, decided to lure Samson into the trap: to close the main gate of the city and put them next to several dozen armed guards. Conspirators awaited the appearance of the Jewish heroes only in the morning and went to sleep peacefully, resting next to a weapon.

However, Samson, sensing something was wrong, went at midnight to the gate of the city, killed all the guards, took the gate and took them to the top of the mountain. By morning discouraged failure Philistines found near the entrance to the city of dead soldiers, and fearless hero since smoothly dropped in Gaza.


A few months in love hero enjoyed the passion of love with Delilah and almost did not go out of her chambers. Recall Delilah was considered the most sophisticated prostitute in Philistine kingdom. Beautiful, black-eyed, with a sly, charming smile, Delilah Samson so charmed that he and the already weak on the part of the female, finally lost his head.

Sly Philistines took advantage of the weakness of the heart of Samson and Delilah talked at great expense to learn the hidden secret of heroic strength invincible hero. Cunning woman agreed, and the same evening, by resorting to the most cunning ways, has become a ferret in his secret lover. He hesitated for a long time to discover the secret, repeatedly lied, sensing something was wrong.

At first he said that it will lose power if its body is connected family ropes. When lover asleep, Delilah ordered his servants to bind him, and sent for the Philistine chiefs. Those at midnight broke into the house of a harlot, but Samson easily broke the rope and deal with enemies. Philistines fled in terror away, and Delilah vowed lover of his innocence. In love with a man believed insidious traitor.


A few days later the whore again drunk wine lover and have wept severely rebuking Samson in distrust and dislike of her, that simple-minded giant gave up the second time. He still told Delilah that his strength lies in long, thick hair and if he shave it, it will become helpless and weak.

Shameless mistress, watered hero sleepy wine, shorn him all the seven locks of Samson and the Philistines issued. Chaining exhausted warrior in the chain, the enemies put out his eyes and put him in prison. Delilah, meanwhile, received a considerable sum, immersed in luxury and enjoying each piece of wealth. Only once she visited former lover in prison and bitter speeches, crying on his shoulder, asked Samson to forgive her.


She said she did it for the love of it, for fear that the hero will stop loving her and cast, that now wants to buy it from the Philistines, and to the end of life to be with him of my paintings for sale. But Samson is no longer willing to listen to the speeches of the false lover, to destroy it for one night, and asked her never to visit him in prison.

Blinded and weakened, he remained a few months in captivity of the Philistines, who forced him to work at night, and come up with more and more punishment. Neither friends nor relatives Samson could not redeem the prisoner from the enemy. Philistines, celebrating the victory over the famous bogatyrёm not want to hear about any ransom, and continued to mock the defeated hero. However, they failed to realize that if the hair grows back again Samson, with them to the athlete to return it irresistible force.


Once in Gaza, where the Philistines kept the hated Israeli giant, made ​​a feast in honor of the pagan god something. The most notable leaders of the Philistine people gathered at the magnificent feast, which decided to bring in chains and Samson, to once again laugh at him. Hercules went into the temple and asked to bring it to the column, which held the roof of the building. Samson turned aside one touch support, and the temple collapsed. Said that while several thousand people died. Died under the ruins, and Samson.


Buried a hero in his homeland, in Sariase. A legend about the strong man who killed a blind love of a woman, passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years.

from Maurice Prendergast Paintings

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