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A hell of a product! Olympian Zeus! Oh! You're not begging in his fury! .... You created woman! Artist Arunas Rutkus



A hell of a product! Olympian Zeus! Oh! You're relentless in its fury! You want to send down a scourge of the world, you drew the poison, quietly poured into the depths of your beautiful land, squeezed it in one drop, angrily threw it svetodarnoyu right hand and poisoned her wonderful creation of his: You created woman!


You become jealous of our happiness poor, you do not want your man exuded eternal blessing from the depths of a grateful heart; better let the curse sparkles on criminal his mouth. You created a woman! "Thus Spake Telekles his teacher Plato, Telekles, disappointed and humiliated in his amorous feelings.


What a great teacher he replied: "What woman? - Language of the Gods We marvel meek​​, bright brow of her husband, but not like the gods behold it: we see it as a woman, we marvel at it woman, and it has only marvel gods . She poetry! She thought, and we are only the embodiment of it in reality. upon us burn her experience, and the more and in greater volume than they are affected, the greater and more beautiful we become.


What would have been the high virtues of her husband, when they were not overshadowing, were transformed not gentle, meek ​​virtues of women? Firmness, courage, proud contempt of vice would go over to the brutality. Take away the rays in the world - and will die a bright variety of colors: heaven and earth merge into the darkness, even bleaker shores of Hades. What is love? - Fatherland soul, the perfect human desire to the past, where it was performed immaculate beginning of life, where all remained untold, an indelible mark of an innocent childhood, where everything Motherland. And when the soul sinks into the bosom of the ethereal soul of a woman when it will find his father - the Eternal God, his brothers - hitherto untold earth feelings and events - at that time with her? Then she repeats a previous sounds, former paradise chest god lives, developing it to infinity ... ..... "
NV Gogol. "Woman"





Fabian Perez Victor Torres

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