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Daniel Del Orfano. Do not open an umbrella in the house .........






I've seen you only in bad weather,

As a speck of light under a red umbrella.

As if only gloom nature

Loved you in our empty.


Inspired by the look, and you did not know,

What will be my muse now for centuries.

You are so careless in bad weather for a walk,

And only the red umbrella compresses hand.


Bad weather dank hand hugs,

Water pours from the sky and frowned around.

And the wind with you, like your friend, plays,

I look, admire you, outside the window.


Open your secret, tell me the secret,

Who beckons you hand that over a phantom?

Go out in the rain and, as if by accident,

You walk you through the puddles sheltered umbrella.






Umbrella, invented, according to various sources, whether in China, whether in Egypt, even ten centuries BC, was in Europe recently: just something in the XVII century. And at first it was used only in order to protect the skin against the bright sun, and shelter from the rain as it began to apply Englishman Jonas Henvey in 1750. But if the Europeans perceived the umbrella as a simple household object in the east he gave a deep mystical significance: it was regarded as an umbrella symbol of power and could use it only the pharaohs, emperors or approximate royals. During the ceremonial processions rulers moved under 13th umbrellas, embroidered with gold, which symbolized the sun and the 12 zodiac signs. But the essence of the mystical umbrella and proved itself in Europe very quickly its use has acquired a whole host of omens and legends.




For example, it is believed that it is impossible to fully disclose an umbrella in the house

- It may bring bad luck or to reveal himself or his relatives.




And, dropping the umbrella on the ground, do not rush to pick it up: there is a sign that if the umbrella raised his owner, he will soon get any trouble. For example, in Spain There is a belief that if an unmarried woman will raise your umbrella dropped by, she, alas, will have to sit a long time in the old maid. Look at the sides may be that your umbrella will raise someone else - in the belief that to outsiders it is perfectly safe - for example the one who will be your fate.










Do not put the umbrella on the bed

- Is that it can deprive your house cash inflow of energy.




It is impossible to give an umbrella birthday

- That you like to predict that in the life of the birthday

the whole year will be solid clouds and bad weather.


Is considered bad luck to find an umbrella: this finding; portends health problems. But if he got to you, then do not take your eyes and pretend not to notice it - it does not help. Pick a lost umbrella and leave it in another, preferably a crowded place - it will remove you from bad energy finds.




If you believe in omens, the girl hiding from the rain under a green umbrella

can thus attract the family fortune.




And umbrella orange is better not to buy anyone

- Is that it makes its owner nervous

painful and it attracts thieves and other bad people.















American artist Daniel Del Orfano was born and raised on Long Island, New York.Hudozhestvennoe education in college, Dowling in Oakdale, New York. After training at the prestigious boarding school in Knox, Daniel teaches art to children of all ages in public schools and writes a realistic picture of life.


"... ..I Aspire to blend old fashion artistic integrity with modern perception. My paintings depict life, not as it may be, but more as it is remembered- a snapshot, not of a particular moment, but of an overall memory. It is the beauty of the emotion felt at an exacting time that I attempt to portray. Trying to capture the romantic yet realistic view one has of everyday life is at the root of all my work. "


                                                                                         - Daniel Del Orfano













Gustav Klimt paingtings



by Oil Paintings reproductions



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