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Zurab "Walked" Shelbaev / Hello Jester.




Depriving me of the seas, run and expansion

And stop giving emphasis violent land

What do you have? Brilliant calculation:

Lips wiggling you could not take away.







From age to age jokes demand -

There is no better slam against malice -

But not any old enough to them.

Making people laugh - a special talent.




Blazhennenky - other share ......

But comedian or Eternal Jester

Was the wisest at the throne

Always. In the outskirts of the soul

Played on the strings of the secret,

Giving the power to live, amused

Sick, angry, in love -







When he entered the hall,

Where subjects were bent back,

Then under ridicule substituted a

Behave as if it were the bullets.


Throughout the animal world as follows:

You're a beast if, fish or poultry,

But average weirdo

Ridicule scared to death.

And the only one who is great -

And do not dismiss, brothers! -

Fool Me appropriated nickname

Allowing over a laugh.


(Anna Gaykalova)






I drop tears in the flask

Resentment and cynicism. -

Today I was given on the forehead

For the lack of comic.









Tired of myself


judge yourself




To deal with a








lose yourself




In search of a




Find yourself




Heavy crown of power


King Shutov


His Majesty .....


-Hello, Jester. That sad? Not in the order of ... -

"Stone in the heart of the living. Monolith".

What serious? And this is the reason that so cry? -

"It hurts! Hear screams? I need on the scene."

- So go ahead! That's your mask .....



  Zurab "Shel" Shelbaev


Born in the town of Maikop, Republic of Adygea. There graduated from the School of Arts, Faculty of Painting t, then studied at the Academy of Krasnodar Hudozhestv.Posle military service In 2005 to relocate to Moscow, where in 2008. already received a graduate degree at the Moscow State Pedagogical University for graphic arts Faculty are, defended a diploma in Zhivopis.Pervye sale of paintings carried out as early as the age of 19 in his native gorode.Seychas paintings bought by private individuals (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, New York), and the galleries of Moscow, St. Petersburg (Gallery school Islands Tsereteli Art gallery at Nevsky) The basic concept of creativity: philosophy and satire.

"In my works I cry. Yell about sore!

And the more I work, the more easier for me to live! "

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