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Tales from the Lada Repina







Lada Repin was born April 7, 1981 in a creative family, you can tell grown in a studio surrounded layouts, brushes, paints and drawings. After graduating from the Saint Petersburg Art College. Nicholas Roerich and the St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy. Stieglitz specialty graphic designer, she realized that she is not enough of one design - yet always wanted to paint, sculpt, paint ... It turned out that the author's doll perfectly combines many aspects of the visual arts - puppeteer can not do without the knowledge of the composition , color science, anatomy, history of costume. Each work Lada is not just "figure on the stand," and the whole story, told with the help of accessories gestures. elaborate costumes.





God Thunderstorms Sombutsu


Lived once in one village an old man with his granddaughter. They lived in poverty, they only had a small piece of land. They planted in the field radish, winter is not to starve. In due time the seeds

ascended, became the grandfather with his granddaughter to water them, walk to the far creek. One time coming - not in the creek water, dried up! Thought - thought the old man what to do and say - Come on - we ka to Mount Toga. There lives the god of thunder Sombutsu, depend on it all the rain in the world!

Looks granddaughter - worth a rock, and underneath the pit. Is this the god of thunder? - Surprised granddaughter

- Yes, this rock is Sombutsu - grandfather replied.

And they ask for rain. Requested - requested but no reply was heard. We went down to the village and began to wait. Waited a few days - but the sky was clear.

- Clearly, it is not so good, the god of thunder, - said the old man, and again went to the mountain with his granddaughter Toga.

They began to ask for rain, and thunder god again silent. Then the old man got angry and threw a stone into the pit. Suddenly rock staggered and hoarse voice shouted - Who's throwing stones at me? Who wakes me?

The old man explained that they were waiting for eight days of rain, ask, and it is not.

God of Rain embarrassed and admitted that she loves to sleep in the daytime and sleeps soundly. God promised thunderstorm storm with thunder and rain, and the old man did not have time with her granddaughter to return to the village - then rain and went. Since then, it is said to awaken the god of thunder Sombutsu enough to throw a stone into the pit, and at the right time was going to rain.








At the Window



Kitsune- Japanese name for a fox - a werewolf. In Japanese folklore, these animals possess great knowledge, long life, and magical powers. They can take the form of a man - a seductive beauty, pretty girl or starika.Umeyut instilled into the wrong body, appear in other people's dreams and create illusions so complex that they can not be distinguished from reality




God Mountain and fish Okodze


In ancient times, in the same village lived a very rich. Why they were rich? Because friendship with God Mountain, he helped them to grow a good crop, ward off insects and repelled the dark forces. Mountain God was very gracious, but very shy. Once the spring has happened this story - Mountain God descended into the valley, where just planted rice. The villagers welcomed him with honors, carried gifts, and God decided to walk around the village. He came in to the creek and sat on the beach and suddenly the first time in his life saw his reflection! And frightened, and wailed - What I'm ugly, I did not know! How do I feel ashamed as embarrassing! - Cried closed sleeves and fled. Frightened peasants suddenly the mountain god will never return? And so it happened. Came to the village of trouble - the seedlings become stunted, wilted pea harvest was lost. Peasants went to a wise old woman to ask for advice. The old lady thinks and says - Really Is this so bad a god of the mountain? - Really - sigh peasants - but this does not matter for us he is the best!

- We need you to find someone - something even more ugly than the god of the mountain - the old woman said, - go to the lake and catch fish there - okodze, because no one in the world is not so ugly eye goggles!

The peasants did. They came to the dwelling of God Mountain and put the fish under his door, opened the door to God, I saw the fish - and let's laugh okodze - And really ugly! Well, my eyes! A jaw!

Returned to God Mountains good mood in the village was again good to live - a good harvest, the fruits ripen, rice growing.



Ёkai, beetle-werewolf



Kosan girl - Phase





Samurai, who loved his family tree, that when it became wither with age, he chose to give him life. His cherry blossoms are now at an unusual time for these cherries - in the sixteenth day of the first month on the old calendar. And the name is an ancient tree as a man - Yurok-cherry, because it human soul.














by fabian perez paintings

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