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Linda Lee and Kerry Kinman


"Spring in the desert"

Setting sun shines in the eyes of the desert Linda Lee and Kerry Kinman, when they talk about their love of Sonora, the Mojave and Colorado deserts. Every spring since 1983, they Linda Lee and Kerry try to capture the fleeting beauty of the desert. They share these experiences with those who can not understand that the desert has more to offer than sand and heat.

Kinmans learned their painting techniques from mother Kerry. Artists studied painting techniques of the mother Kerry

famous artist Florence Sackett.

Both write in oil on canvas paintings by the Belgian, with only painting knives. Both write in oil on canvas with only knives that they make themselves. Their unique technology paint on canvas is atypical Most artists palette knife. Instead of heavy impasto they take very little paint to achieve a clear and concise information. Brush on the photos for his signature alone.

Tiny petals and thin spines cacti viewers suspect that their knives as small as dental instruments, when in fact, they are actually quite large. A large boat-shaped knife with a sharp tip about three inches in length is used more often. Kerry style of this large triangular blade, which he crushed and ground to him was the weight and feel they wanted.

Kerry Kinman and Linda Lee feel happy to be able to spend time together and do what they like. They spend their summer and fall at his home in Oregon. In winter, when the rain seems to be endless, they are to enjoy the beautiful southwestern desert to the sun and wildflowers. They visit familiar places they have many friends over the years of their journey.


Their work can be found in the collections of many discerning art collectors in the United States, Canada and Europe. They have been featured in many magazines, including Southwest, Western art, Wildlife Art, Arizona now and Yippi Yi Da.


"Spring in the desert"



"Smoke Trees desert mountain"





"Anza-Borrego Sunrise"



"First light on Indian Head"



"Quiet Day"



"Murray Canyon Spring"





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