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Romantic watercolor painting by John Atkinson Grimshaw (John Atkinson Grimshaw)


John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) was born in Leeds in the family of a police officer. The city had several art galleries and John could admire the works of famous artists of the time. John's parents were strict Baptists and forbade him to paint, his mother once even destroyed all of his sketches. After working as a clerk and married, he still decided to devote himself to painting.


Runaway success came to Grimshaw after recognition of his work of the Royal Academy of Arts. Grimshaw was able to buy a large house of the 17th century, which is often painted. In the summer the family rented a house "Castle-on-sea," as John called it. The house stood on a hill near the castle Scarborough, clearly visible from the north and south bays. Living on the coast inspired John to create beautiful works devoted to the sea, ships, docks. He loved to paint night landscapes of London, Liverpool, walking, Glasgow. These paintings can be seen fog and smog, common to the industrial cities of England.

He perfected his distinctive style of painting. Interested in photography, and even used the camera obscura to transfer their designs to the canvas. Sand is added to the paint to achieve the desired effect.

Wife bore him fifteen children, but only six survived ... .Dvoe his sons, Arthur and Lewis were also artists.

Grimshaw constantly exhibited in the City Art Gallery Leeds. Every year, his paintings were present in the exhibition galleries. Also, his work has been presented at the Royal Academy and the Grosvenor Gallery. Most of his works are housed in private collections.

During the life of his works were copied and tampered with. After the death of Grimshaw his work was forgotten, and the interest in it was revived in the second half of the XX century.


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