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Without a title

Without a title

On the carpet - plane real feelings


She dreamed of him. Facial features blurred and sometimes even different, but he knew that it was - it. Angels do not dream, and they do not sleep. But he has learned. Specifically to see her. He felt it in his sleep smell. What she smelled? Comfort, hope. I guess he knew what it was, in a past life, but now it seems that it never happened. Only she - and all. Past and future ... life. The angel is life? Sometimes, if somewhere there eyes, through attracting unreal distance. If somewhere there lips, the taste of which he knows just because it is the taste of happiness. As the years passed. Many Angels, who have recently started with him already progressed rapidly through the ranks, and he lived the dream of her as a woman who can give him the touch of a miracle.

Previously, it was simple and clear. What time is it? Decade? Century? Era? And now difficult and dreary. Each job - as a duty. He flew to a meeting with the new object. New human life worthy of the Guardian. Recent decades side by side with someone. The object was a woman. Not as young as he had expected, and not so beautiful. But something she liked, perhaps, be it the Custodian will not be boring. A few days later, he realized that she was an outstanding personality. A week later - that it is unmatched. A month later - that it is unique. Next to her was easy. And at the same time is difficult. She did not admit to his close anyone, even a guardian angel.

Angels usually did not like any tender feelings towards his person. They remained friends for many years. So it was more convenient. He firmly entrenched in her life thus another. Strange to say, as soon as he took up the job, he never dreamed a dream ... His fairy-tale dream, promising unknown happiness.




She trusted him with their joys and woes. But he, knowing every move that she makes on the road of life, experienced a strange excitement every time listening to it from her mouth. She asks for advice, but did on its own. He flew at night and inspired her, how to act, and she laughed and repeated that his notation her dream. And refused to obey. He wondered. In life, there is something far more powerful than the Guardian Angel. She did everything wrong, but it turns out right. Who protected her better and more thoroughly than he?


Once he thought that once she marries. His chest ached so badly that his breath. Here it happens in people when they say it hurts the heart? She was walking around, smiling about something said, but he did not hear the words. Chest pain became hot like fire, it explodes it from within a million needles. Interestingly, the angels pretending people can die? And then another thought that there are people pretending to be angels. ... It can not be a woman so ... so perfect, so right, so, the air! She pretends to be an angel!


His eyes darkened. He did not understand what happened next. They were crossing the road when he slowly began to settle on the land. She inertia took a few steps, before discovering that he slouched down on the asphalt. This is because the sun shines brightly, or car headlights very close?

Fraction of a second - is how much? It's so much time, so you can feel the push. Next you? Back? And see, to witness two souls soaring in the sky. He saw himself only familiar with wings blocking the sun, and her strange winged woman who lost because of these wings of some part of yourself ...

Total fraction of a second, but he saw those two there in the sky, entwined in one flesh, wings - wings in the body - the body ... And suddenly he was separated, and began to plummet because the wings were gone. .. And she stayed there, lovely in its flight, and impossible in a new guise.


He opened his eyes ... Her apartment. Soft light. And she's sitting in a chair ... no wings. And suddenly, they changed places? And now she is - his Guardian? After all, someone has pulled it from under the wheels, if he was alive? And suddenly a new impetus, no longer forward and not backward. Push from the depths of consciousness ... It's his dream! Dream come true! So that's why so warm !!! It is - it? And why does he not understand that before?
So many years have been wasted? And he did not notice anything ??? And now, so comfortable, so easy ... She walked over to the couch and sat down nearby, kissed him on the nose.

- Darling, you make coffee?
- No, better lie down with me ...


Guardian Angel can be very close ... sent by God - and you will not notice, and even more - sent an angel to life ... ... It's easy to become a Guardian for the Beloved, especially when your soul once entwined in the arms of a highly in the sky, and you know it ... Guardian Angel can save you from the fatal steps and Love - from the rest ... Especially from blindness, not allowing it to see who next ... And the wings? Yes, God is with them, maybe they have it? Or maybe stayed with him ... Because love can fly at all without them, just a magic carpet ride real feelings ... So much so that the very angels envy ...
@ Golden Litvinov


Unmask - the creative team from China, consisting of three painters and sculptors: Liu Zhan, Kuang Jun and Tan Tianwei. In 2002, all three finished the Beijing Academy of Applied Arts, and since 2003 the first year, beginning with the student exhibition, the artists were exhibited in China, Japan, France, Britain, the United States and other countries.

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