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~ ... ~ May

May ~ ... ~


Since the spring of you, my dear!


"Spring Tree" x m 70x90 cm
What a life! My forest spring,
Pine, birch leaf any ...
After all, you are not for one moment
Not separated from each other.
Life without separation, without limit,
Law alive powerful and simple:
With him - it means a whole world,
With him - it means a host of stars.
What is that called my destiny?
Its limit dared spring.
After all, I am with itself,
The entire universe is woven.
Zinaida Mirkin


"Apple blossom" x m 50x100 cm


"Stone and flowers" x m 50x100 cm


Glee! Jubilation
Votes spring -
This inner knowledge,
Inner vision.
This - uplift shaft
Through all limits.
Life itself has known
And - excitedly sang.


I spun, wind the spring,
Messed up the ends and edges,
Let melt, vanish like shadows
All the worries, all my severity.
Here rushed into the thick green
And rejoicing bushuesh inside.
Overturned all-powerful, -
Whatever you want, create to me!



"Flowers" cat's paw "" x m 60h100 see


"Pond" oil on canvas 50x100 cm


Wake up in the morning sunny spring
And catch the invisible movement,
And catch the elusive glance,
Skolznuvshy like for you, and-by.
The same look and gesture secret that
God creates new spaces,
The same call in an obscure way,
With trees that stretch to God.
And now they need one soul:
To live in harmony with the call of gesture, gaze,
In order nepostizhnym internal motions,
That permeated this spring day.


"Field 3" x m 55h90 cm


"Fringe" x m 50x100 cm
'I love! I love you! ' - Oh, sigh
Space that opened the cage!
But who is this - May wind,
The choir leaves, birds, or God himself?
Oh, those given when he was drunk!
Uselessness roofs, unnecessary rooms ...
Oh, Lord, do not it matter to me
Who is that, if there is
Liu - blue!?!
And there! And there! Though sing, even drink!
After all, the heart is ready to jump
In response to the smallest word,
In which all the seed of life!


"Wildflowers" x m 50x100 cm


"In lilac" x m 50x100 cm


Good God, what
Joy at the source of the day!
Waking up in the forest sighs
And breathe life into me.
Frankincense flow ...
See! I feel! - Alive!
And inhale as deeply
What dizzy.




Gifted man ... He wrote poems, stories. philosophical essays.
 As a child, Valery spent his holidays in the countryside Shaurino Pskov region.
"This time forever left an imprint in my soul, - says the artist. - River, forest and especially the "strange place" - clearing, covered with bright colors "cat's paw". More on these strange places nothing grew. While these bald spots, I experienced feelings that can not be described in words. After I was told that this was the land of the ancient settlement from which do not have even the stones. "
The artist is sure that if a child, these amazing places to "talk" with him, and that is what led him to painting. ..
Valery Hattin born May 16, 1964 in Leningrad. Paints 20 years. In the late 1980s he participated in exhibitions and was a great success. After five years of creativity up painting, and two decades later returned to creativity ...
The world was created by chance
And the newly created.
Light overflow
And gushing Love ..
Excessive boiling Light
Flows in our blood
And nothing the world has no
Love is an urgent ...
Zinaida Mirkin

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