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Let you will be warm in your homes.

Let you will be warm in your homes.

Then the old man looked at me and said that miss someone - the most beautiful of all the sad feelings.
- Understand ... if someone is sad that he is bored without someone, it means that he does for someone he loves. A love for someone - this is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Those without whom we bad, we have here! - And he tapped the power of their breasts.
M. Parr


Boris Grebenshikov - White Horse.

Guys, messy and confusing, and indeed often, but quite honestly I write to you today, the first day of the new year. By the way, it is a wonderful first day! Very I need to thank you for all-all-all greetings, wishes, sympathy, it is truly amazing, in his address, since it is capricious, absurd, changeable, little bells in my head Babenko.) Thank you for your support, for your presence in my life, for heat and invariably kind words. And thank each and everyone for this wonderful existence in a single stream of Soul - in all its diversity and depth - regardless of geography, age and national boundaries. Let the space of the soul of every one of you (the only real and true space) will always be filled with love!
I sincerely wish you, beloved, the light, peaceful, generous for joy and good news. Let each of us will be a little kinder and more tolerant - and then maybe something will change and around. While that's my mother, refused to wish me patience. Said, saying that it will be enough to you, stop to endure anything, just passing by, and go on with faith and patience to hell!))) But I still do not agree, leave him patience this is a chance to play a trump card in my hand.)
Lads, let you will be warm in your homes, it is interesting to those who are near, joy in the place where you are called to work! Inspiration, vivid impressions, miracles large and small! And yet - certainly health to you and all your loved ones!
Happy New Year!


Here's a little bit of my city by artist Alexei Zuev. All that accurate, native, moody.








Nothing is lost - all on your mind:
Here children's books, including getting enough sleep snow
Sea splashing in them, they sky curved in an arc,
they echo sounds muffled laughter yours.
you're not lost, you are folding like a puzzle
with city names, with the smell on his shoulder,
with morning coffee, with a collection of perfume oils.
all you have to see, and what
you refute yourself this time - it is not so,
under thee spark fireworks, lights are burning behind you.
and all that you wish for - you certainly will bring,
and you can rest with the sound and bustle.
nothing is lost - the sun still rises,
there fragrance of lilacs and the August rains
the horizon somewhere dial tone steamer.
Tory Rum.

PS And we in the morning it was snowing ... What would we there does not think he can hear us.)

Artist Alexey Zuev.

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