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Tibor Nagy (Tibor Nagy), Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia (part 1)

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Tibor Nagy (Tibor Nagy), Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia (part 1)

Great colorist and master impasto painting. Technique unmatched. Artist from God.

I personally do not need could not find fault. And you - judge for yourself:









































I have always been confident in myself - how I look and what I want to do

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I have always been confident in myself - how I look and what I want to do

Sometimes, listening to a song that takes a complete stranger, and feel that he is singing about you. Like the moment when your heart is broken, he was there.
At the ceremony, "Grammy 2012" Adele Adkins won awards in six categories. The album "21" razoshёlsya World 7,000,000th copies, climbed to the first place of the charts in Europe and in March 2011, came in first place in the Billboard-200. Adele is not like the rest of the performers. On stage there is no show and dancers, becomes for the microphone and sings just like we did at the time, Barbara Streisand and Edith Piaf.


She was just twenty, but in a voice so much maturity, as if she had lived a thousand lives, and every loved. Before the song, she says, how to write a composition and that was the inspiration. Adele does not agree with the opinion that the work of the best haze enveloped innuendo and mystery. "Changes in our place all the time. We love every day in many ways. Even if it is good to try all their emotions still not listed. Why then deliberately withhold them ?!".


"The world is too interesting and multifaceted. Where black, white is present, and vice versa," - says Adel. Therefore, preparing to sing a song about unrequited love, rather than to make a sad face, she tells an anecdote. "In America, I only opened his mouth to speak, and the hall had lying around. It's all because of my British accent." Peals of laughter coming wave of the room. They pluck the first lines of the song "Someone like you": "I heard you got married ..."
"I was always confident in myself - how I look and what I want to do. I live for myself, not for others."
Adele is not a bit complex because of its skaters body: "I am not going to grow thin. Who said that thinness is good ?! Show it to me!". We can not agree - especially after the most authoritative magazine fashion American Vogue has published her picture on the cover. Things went uphill Adele: The sum of the fee for the last album has reached $ 67 million, was painted concert schedule for the year ahead ... And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, she announced that she could no longer speak.


Problems with cords began in 2011 on a radio show in Paris. "I was standing at the microphone and can not remove the sound. You know what this means to me ?!". Doctors later told throat polyps formed, at least temporarily better stop singing. "Never problem with voice was not - no sore throat or bronchitis, and that's in you." The newspaper is published with the title "Adel committed suicide!", "We Adele Throat Cancer!". Some of it is already buried, but millions of fans sympathized so frenetic that Adele heart would break. Resentment was overwhelmed: "Why do so many people love to potter about in other people's suffering and exacerbate what is happening ?!"


What happened singer met with courage and wisdom. I have the disease as a sign from above. The radio show was held in Paris, the last music video Someone like you, for which she received many awards, also filmed in the city. The conclusion is that the problem with his throat began in Paris is no accident. So, they want her to bring something, suggest something. Paris - the city of love. There is a belief, the city is pushing people to the next step. For some - is to begin to live together or get married. For others - a quarrel in hell and separation, are returning home from Paris, sitting in an airplane on different rows. Adele, with her characteristic optimism, classified themselves in the first category "lucky" and agreed that it has prompted Paris to push the music to the background and personal life to do.
"I'd rather weigh a ton and create good albums than look like Nicole Richie and useless to record the song."


From Paris she went silent. The doctors prescribed rest for five weeks. "I have so much rethought. I realized that many take for granted. It is time to prioritize." After a long forced leave Adele appeared on the Grammy Awards ceremony. She thanked the doctors for the opportunity to again perform a few songs and said it made the decision - to leave the scene. There was a ringing silence.
"I met a man with whom I want to have a family and children." Of course, you could go all out and do the operation for the operation to save his voice to stay in show business. But Adele has judged that it is better to take the time and effort of privacy. "Maybe in five years or seven I come back, I will sing again. But I will have a different repertoire and a very different understanding of life" - then explained his decision to Adele.
Beloved Adele appeared Simon Kopecky - 37-year-old CEO of a charity Drop4Drop, the purpose of which is to maintain clean water supplies in the world. Before meeting with Adele, he stood before a choice: to remain in the lucrative profession of a banker or work, if not money, but a noble project, which aims to save the planet. Prevailed desire to make the world a better place. For his altruistic decision he paid his family - his wife filed for divorce. First I grieved, but then met Adel and realized that everything happened perfectly.


"We need to study the past, and just let him go. No need to visit again and again. It's useless."
"I - a great friend: attentive, funny, cook, and always want to make love. What ?! Most of the girls do not want to!" - Lists its strengths Adele. Simon also did not hesitate to display their feelings - accompanies her on set and interviews. If not called, then writes the message in to Skype.


At 23, Adele had the wisdom not to become hostage to its popularity. She was not afraid to take a strong decision - to leave the scene on the rise, to plunge into the most ordinary family life. "Maybe I'll be one of the few who will write an album about happy love - jokes Adele. - What ?! Why do about it no one writes ?! Are show business is a great thing to bring him to sacrifice his happiness? ! "




October 20, 2012 in Adel son. Twitter page, she wrote, "We are with Simon on the moon."