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AI creative arts to become the next Rembrandt it?




The wide hat, dressed in white silk collar black man looks like a great piece of art from the 17th century. However, this is known as "the next Rembrandt" (The Next Rembrandt) works in fact it is the product of artificial intelligence data analysis.


October 2014, the Dutch financial company ING and J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam advertising company, initiated a Dutch art exhibit development process of the project. J. Creative Director Walter Thompson Amsterdam advertising agency Kos Teng Bart (Bart Korsten) proposed a simple but a little scary question: "Would you let computers learn to paint like Rembrandt, like what?"


With this idea, Kos Proton team with Microsoft, Delft University of Science and Technology (Delft University of Technology, hereinafter referred to as the TU Delft), The Hague, Mauritshuis (Mauritshuis) and the Rembrandt House Museum (Museum Het Rembrandthuis) experts to work together, we developed a Rembrandt can do art works style analysis software. The software can be patterned in accordance with the material of the artist painting a "creation." The operation has a complex manner, and facial recognition system software 346 Rembrandt analyzed and figured out a work under Rembrandt might look.


TU Delft's Professor Dick Yue Lisi (Joris Dik) in a statement said: "The data Rembrandt works a lot - you can collect from a variety of different favorites among the wide range of technical data on these paintings."


18 months later, on April 5, the team announced the creation of a Rembrandt painting style, and the results are staggering enough. According to this result, if a computer can be used with the greatest masters of painting is not comparable, then the so-called art and technology between the difference between what happens in turn change it? (Google uses artificial intelligence creation of "Deep Dream" [(Deep Dream) painting also raised similar issues. These works have been started in the auction were unveiled.]


Coase Teng, the creativity of computer and human creativity can be compared too early to tell. "Computer is currently only act in accordance with our orders. If it starts to do that we did not allow him to do things, we will start to worry." He artnet said in a telephone interview, "the next Rembrandt" only but imitation is the master, rather than a new creation.


Because most of the works are portraits of Rembrandt (such works accounted for 67% of all works), so the team felt "under a Rembrandt" in line with this trend. From a statistical point of view, the artist painted the most is white male, between the ages of 30-40 years old. Stick figures might be wearing black and white clothes, face toward the light source.


Under these reference data, the calculation results of the analysis procedure to create a human face, and its permutations based on Rembrandt's preference. Computer took 500 hours to build the screen, which contains 148 million pixels. All the elements are modeled on the artist's well-known lighting effects.


TU Delft then used 3D scanning technology, combined with Rembrandt strokes to screen them. This 3D printing images using a real painting materials for printing, a total of 13 layers paint, creating a real painting touch. This piece will be on display to the public soon.


As for the application of this technology in the real world, the research team believes the technology can be used to repair existing oil incomplete portion. Kos on artnet Teng news that Microsoft and TU Delft are planning to use this new technique to repair a severely burned Lunbolangbu face painting.






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