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George Stubbs art reproductions


This picture is painted in a particularly ugly lotus map directly painted, oh oh I do not play this picture of the bad things do not learn, and we may find that I painted are face, this Material from a documentary master shot, mankind. Documentary, recommended to see oh particularly shocking.
The following is the painting next door Zhao Shushu ??


In fact, quite like ha ha ha ha, there are some mess of painting


 These are basically 15 years of painting, the middle also draw a lot of messy can make money decorative painting, after all, quite enjoy the process, but also to meet the desire for money ha ha.
And then is 16 years, ready to PubMed this year, treat oil painting this thing is also serious up, looking at the screen when the screen to see the classical oil painting techniques, that is, masking method, and then eager to try


Most of this painting or direct painting it, facial features with a place covered with dyed, painted my girlfriend la la la la la la la la la la, mysterious smile, the camera shoot out this is the end




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