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Seraphine Louis Paintings

If you are religious, you can find God in the pot.
Séraphine took a wicker basket and walked in the wilderness on the outskirts of Sanlis. The wilderness was her paradise, her comfort. When she was very sad, she went to the countryside to smell the fragrance of flowers and plants. Talking with the little bird, the bugs talked and let the wind in the field lick their cheeks. All the grief disappeared.
The wilderness is low. She walks quickly over the hillside. Sometimes she stops to look at the sky, climbs a big tree, sings to the distance, or sits on the ground and takes a moment to go. The camera is very moody, like the picture of Andrew Wise, but there is no such a sad, but comforting, full of joyful loneliness, although lonely.
Sahe Fen is of strong build and has a rough appearance. She is an elderly single woman. She is a good helper with diligence and honesty. She collects blood from animals in the kitchen during the day and ends the day’s heavy work. She dug some river mud into the grass on the river, secretly dipped some oil into the church, collected some wild flowers and rhizomes on the roadside, and had to spend a few tens of cents to buy indispensable paint. She had to default on rent. In the evening, she produced a unique natural pigment at home, sang songs, and painted a beautiful scene in her heart. She said in her heart that it was the angel who was showing up.
No one noticed the painting of this humble servant until one day when the owner of the house came in with a special tenant, William Wood, a large collector who excavated Henry Rousseau, he stumbled upon the corner In the painting, she believes that she has the same naturalistic talent as Rousseau. The life of Sah Fin's haze turns around.
However, the war began. The German William Wood couldn't stay in France and had to hurry to escape. Before leaving, he scolded Sa Hefen.
The war caused Saheafen to lose her job. She spent her days earnestly painting with savings and other people's financial support. She spent her days frantically painting, and she has worked hard to bear fruit. Her paintings have been perfected from simple forms. However, if the painting is not sold, she is still impoverished.
After the war, William Wood came to Sanlis again. He thought that Sahaven who was not working was not worthy of this war. When he saw the works of Sahaven in a small exhibition, he immediately found Her.
The collection of William Wood transformed the life of Sagafin. He provided all the utensils for her and paid for all her expenses. Saha Fen ushered in a flourishing period and drew surprising works. The consumption has also begun to inflate unrestrainedly. When a financial crisis swept across Europe, William Wood also could hardly pay for her expenses. But Sahe Fen did not know what the financial crisis was and she was holding a sacred day in her heart. To meet the angels on that day, she must prepare for that day and leave expensive bills. William Wood refuses to pay. Sahafi cannot stand the neglect of this sacred day. She must complete it in her own way. This ceremony.
Seraphine Louis Paintings
Tree or Paradise When that day arrived, Sa Hefen wearing a wedding gown carried two bags of silverware, went door-to-door to convey the voice of the angels, and the neighbors called the police. She was sent to the madhouse.
She was never able to come out of the madhouse again. William Wood's expenses made her living conditions as good as possible.
Sahe Fon, who was named by God, left a shocking act on the occasion of the flash of light. Finally, she completed her meeting with the angel under another state of consciousness.

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