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Still Life: Sergey Panin

Still Life: Sergey Panin

Sergey Anatolyevich Panin is an artist of the classical school, in love with the beauty of his native land, writing it with spirituality and with tender tenderness.

Sergei Panin is a universal artist working in different genres. He manages magnificent landscapes, beautiful still lifes, sometimes the artist creates and portraits.

In his works, Sergei Panin creates the illusion of reality, taking into account the subconscious perception of the viewer's beauty and harmony of nature. He purposely moves away from dirty spots, careless and ill-conceived strokes. The colors on his canvases as a whole - exist together and smoothly flow over the canvas, complementing each other and creating an easy and fascinating music of color. Nature is revealed to the viewer in all its splendor. It seems that the picture, like photography, showed Frank McCarthy paintings

on the inside of the canvas and played with its alluring and mysterious beauty. At such a moment, time stops and begins to count down only after the artist's soul has become related to his creation.

With his works Sergei Panin won the love of connoisseurs of art and earned respect among his colleagues, became a deserved artist of Russia. His works win at different competitions and are kept in museums and private collections around the world.

Landscapes of Sergey Panin can be seen here.

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