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Happy new year dear friends!!!

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Happy new year dear friends!!!

 My dear friends and readers!

Today I'm happy New Year
Congratulations to all of you
Not one, but with Santa Claus,
And brought gifts!

With all my heart I wish you
Happiness, peace, beauty!
I love and love all!
Let the dreams come true !!!

With love and tenderness your Eugene

My dear ones! My computer is dying! Does not give anything to do, it keeps hanging all the time! And the worst thing is that he writes one letter a minute or eats part of the written word! Noise, like a power station!
Video advertising, in the lower corner, is not closed for a long time with a cross, but while it works, everything is slowed down. But she also hangs and then - all is dead! No programs it was not removed!
Yesterday, digging in the settings of the company and, apparently, something has not done it - it became even worse! All icons on the desktop constantly jerk! The pages themselves change! Nerves can no longer stand!
Until then, I'll try to save everything I need to the disks, and then we'll see ...
If I do not answer and write comments, do not be offended and do not consider the missing person missing - that means I'm at his funeral ...

PS. It's amazing that the mail is working fine! I look at your posts, click on the "liked" button, transfers me to my diaries, and there everything stops again, just like in my ...
(This letter was written exactly three hours!)

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