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A very delicate pie with cabbage and meat.

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A very delicate pie with cabbage and meat.

You will need:

● Fresh cabbage - half a head;
● 350 - 400 grams of ground beef;
● seasoning salt to taste;
● fresh herbs;
● 1 cup of kefir;
● 1 cup of mayonnaise;
● 3 eggs;
● 1 teaspoon of soda or a bag of baking powder;
● 8 tablespoons of flour (with a slide);
● vegetable oil;
● half of the protein whipped for gre Michael Cheval art for sale

ase pie finished (you can not do and so delicious and beautiful).

How to cook:

1. So, finely chop the cabbage, blanch it in a small amount of water.
As soon as the water boils hold for 1 minute and merge it into a colander.

2. Finely chop the greens - parsley dill and onions.

3. Fry the forcemeat in vegetable oil olive, added a pinch of such good Provencal herbs and salt to taste.
The stuffing is ready and waiting for its time.

4. Mix our cabbage, minced meat and herbs.

5. A glass of kefir and a glass of mayonnaise pour into a bowl, add a spoonful of soda and 3 eggs.
Sift there 8 tablespoons of flour, all beat up with a mixer.

6. Lubricate the pie shape (I have 26 cm.) With vegetable oil.
Pour half the dough into a mold.
Spread the stuffing neatly.
Top with the second half of the dough.

7. Accurately equalize and put in the oven cold by 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
After 25-30 minutes we check the readiness with a wooden stick (toothpick, skewer). Bon Appetit!
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