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Poetry: Leonid Aronzon

Poetry: Leonid Aronzon

Leonid Aronzon (1939-1970)

An empty sonnet

Who loved you, more enthusiastic than I?
God keep you, God keep you, God keep you.
There are gardens, there are gardens, stand in the night.
And you are in the gardens, and you are in the gardens, too.

I would like, I would like my sorrow
you so inspire, you so impress, without disturbing
your kind of grass is overnight, your kind of her creek,
so that that sorrow, that that grass to us became a bed.
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to bump into the garden, penetrate into you,
raise your eyes, lift your eyes, that with heaven
compare and night in the garden, and the garden in the night, and the garden,
that is full of your nightly voices.
I go to them. A face full of eyes ...
So that you stand in them, the gardens are standing.

Leonid Aronzon. "An empty sonnet." Calligramme

Leonid Aronzon wrote an "empty sonnet" in the form of a caligram. Calligraphers were first invented by the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire, and this way poems were picked up by many surrealistic poets. In the caligraph rhymed drawings are created instead of the usual poetic lines.

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