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Ashicaga Flower Park

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Ashicaga Flower Park

How inspirational is the purple shower
gentle wisteria smell so sweet
bees observe flight happiness rushes
in this dream of light dreams Park Ashikaga
we were picked up and carried off
wind of a tramp

 Kitsune Miyato

The Hasamashizenkansatsu Park is one of the most famous wisteria parks - much more famous than Kawachi Fuji.

 The Ashikaga Flower Park is located in the city of Ashikaga in the Tochigi province on the island of Honshu. The park covers about 8.2 hectares and is famous for a variety of wisteria s Arsen Savadov paintings for sale

pecies (in Japanese it sounds like Fuji). In the park colors of Ashikaga features a lot of blue, white and pink wisteria, as well as the yellow broom (in Japanese: kingusari), which look like yellow wisteria.



New York from the height

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New York from the height

Empire State Building

Central Park along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan

United Nations Headquarters on the banks of the East River

The corporation JPMorgan Chase & amp; Co.

East River Thermal Power Plant

Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village - Manhattan's largest residential complex

Madison Square Garden Sports Complex. Home arena for the NHL and NBA teams.

Office and residential buildings in the center of Manhattan.

Citigroup-center in the Queens area

Cemetery in the Queens area

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Manhattan (right).

Office and residential buildings in the business district of Manhattan.


Time Warner Center in central Manhattan

LaGuardia Airport

American Airlines over the highway in the Queens area

JetBlue aircraft over the court of the National Tennis Center Billy Jean-Claude Mayodon paintings

Jean King

The building of General Electric in Rockefeller Center

Roosevelt Island in the East River Strait, between the islands of Manhattan and Long Island

Highway in the Queens area

General Motors Building

On the site of the former World Trade Center, July 7, 2010

Cruise terminal on the west side of Manhattan

Woolworth Building

Central Park

Tower of Bank of America

Commercial and residential buildings, including the headquarters in the New York Times (left), in the center of Manhattan

Administrative buildings around Foley Square in downtown Manhattan

Piers on the Hudson, on the west side of Manhattan

Headquarters Goldman Sachs Group, on the left, adjoins to a place of the World financial center

Commercial and residential buildings, including the Empire State Building on the left and Madison Square Garden in the center, in central Manhattan

Hudson Railway Station

Chrysler Building

Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges across the East River

Governor's Island near the port

View of Manhattan. In the front quarter of Lower East Side

North West of Manhattan

The Brooklyn Bridge

Lower Manhattan at dusk

Yankees Baseball Stadium

Central Manhattan, Empire State Building in the center

Central Manhattan

A source

Night London from above


Maria Montessori: "Precepts for Parents"

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Maria Montessori: "Precepts for Parents"

19 commandments of Maria Montessori for parents.

They need to be re-read at least once a year:

1. Children learn what surrounds them.

2. If a child is often criticized, he learns to judge.

3. If the child is often praised - he learns to evaluate.

4. If the child is shown hostility, he learns to fight.

5. If the child is honest - he learns justice.

6. If a child is often ridiculed, he learns to be timid.

7. If the child lives with a sense of security - he learns to believe.

8. If a child is often disgraced - he learns to feel guilty.

9. If the child is often approved, he learns to treat himself well.

10. If a child is often lenient - he learns to be patient.

11. If the child is often encouraged - he acquires self-confidence.

12. If a child lives in an atmosphere of friendship and feels necessary, he learns to find love in this world.

13. Do not talk badly about the child - neither with him, nor without him.

14. Concentrate on the development of good in the child, so that as a result, the bad will not remain in place.

15. Always listen and answer the child who speaks to you.

16. Respect the child who made a mistake and can correct it now or later.

17. Be ready to help the child who is in search and be invisible to the child who has already found everything.

18. Help the child learn what was not previously learned. Do this, filling the surrounding world with care, restraint, silence and love.

19. In dealing with a child, always adhere to the best manners - offer him the best tha Vladimir Kush art paintings for sale

t is in you.