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The painter is a murderer ─ ─ track Caravaggio

Hear the painting " Water Lilies " You might think of Monet, see the " Iris " You might think of Van Gogh , then referred to " the arrest of Jesus " (The Taking of Christ), who would you think ?


Earlier this year, will be on display at Buckingham Palace a famous painting " St. Peter and St. Andrew 's Call " (The Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew), is a leading art collector collection of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II , one of the storage at Buckingham Palace room dust four years , after six years of identification and repair, made ​​public in mid- November last year , this painting by experts estimate that value as high as fifty million pounds ( about NT $ 31 to one hundred million yuan ) .

 Astronomical painting paintings realistic style was pioneered the art of the Baroque masters ─ ─ Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) of the works. And hanging in the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin to " arrest Jesus " is another well- Caravaggio masterpiece , which brought to light than the " St. Peter and St. Andrew 's call " not much , when Macedonian unraveling intrigue process , far better than novels, movies also brilliant !

Had " French Edge ," a book won the 1995 National Book Critics Circle Award (National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction) of Jonathan . Hal (Jonathan Harr), this written as " Arrest of Jesus " (The Lost Painting: The Quest For A Caravaggio Masterpiece) , a book of fiction approach recording a tortuous process to find paintings , book one immediately into the " New York Times "bestseller list, and won the" New York Times 2005 Top Ten books " award, then all the way long pin does not fall .

Untimely death shocked the European art scene genius


Caravaggio paintings, the pen to paper is extremely fast , and do not scratch , paint directly on the canvas swipes , defying vulgar content of his paintings can depict the daily life of civilians plenty of vitality , and its simple theme, naturally the spirit of realism , was significantly different from the ornate baroque pretense . As Caravaggio dramatic tension too strong , no place at that time , although once very famous , but after his death , fame eliminate surprisingly die faster . Until three centuries later, in the 1960s , the Italian scholar Roberto arts . Lungi (Roberto Longhi) under the vigorous promotion , Caravaggio's fame gradually returned , its influence even beyond the Italian peninsula , as far as Spain, France, the European art scene half concussion .
Born in AD 29 September 1571 Formerly known as Caravaggio Michelangelo Lang Jieluo . Merisi (Michelangelo Merisi), his violent nature , is also bisexual , pedophilia who still brothel regulars, and scolded like a commonplace frame resorting to violence , not only charged with possession of illegal weapons, also frequently commit homicide , resulting in a short and dramatic life , the violent character of artistic genius charge , finally fleeing overseas , Dianpei passenger journey among the dead , dead at the age of thirty-nine ( AD 1610 ) .

Caravaggio 's father Feier Mo . Merisi (Fermo Merisi), at the time of the Duke of Milan cum Caravaggio Marquis Verdes investigation.法兰切斯哥(Francesco Sforzao) I, sects , the dominant architectural affairs , but in Caravaggio was six years old , died of the Black Death . From the mother labors of the burden of life , raising five children, adults . Caravaggio in the age of thirteen , was brother to the artist within Morocco . Pater Zhanuo (Simone Peterzano) at a four-year apprenticeship when , in exchange for support teachers and professors .

 1590 , Caravaggio 's mother die, 1592 , Caravaggio and finished heritage brothers and sisters at home after walking from Milan Italian art and culture at large came to the capital of Rome , penniless Caravaggio , with host in a relative of former pope operating tavern owner Pang Dover . Pu Qi (Pandolfo Pucci) home , in order to pay the rent, Caravaggio often have to copy some religious portraits , taken to the streets or take Piazza Navona cash. Sparse black beard , black-eyed bushy eyebrows , thick roots , slovenly appearance , Caravaggio came to Rome as hundreds of young artists want to succeed as rich , live drifting uncertain , poverty stricken life .


The first three years in Rome , Caravaggio lived up to a dozen places , and he would suffer from infectious diseases Roman heat, was the fellow who dropped onto St. Mary's Medical care, Caravaggio found himself in a dark underpass , and a bunch of other dead patients husbandry, Caravaggio was later recognized by Conte Las bishop , he will move to a ventilated room , and take special care of the nuns confessed , Caravaggio so alive . He stayed in the hospital for about six months , in some patients during treatment drew the poor, and other works , remunerating hospital and bishops , in which the pieces may be sent to Spain , but these were later lost for some reason , can not be handed down.

However, to sell works of art dealers changed hands the fate of Caravaggio , when art dealers Shi Bata shop street is home to Cardinal flange Qiesi Ke . Monty (Francesco Del Monte), the bishop has returned after Shi Bata shop and saw a painting depicting scenes of the streets of Rome : two playing liar being abducted a well-dressed young naive , it is the future called " cheats who " (The Cardsharps) paintings . Unlike Cardinal painting paintings previously seen with the general common saints, angels and clouds completely different picture , great bishop of the favored , but also makes Caravaggio found the first one brought his gold master , Mongolia Cardinal make mention Caravaggio admitted his mansion , from Caravaggio to get rid of the impoverished days , carried out Kuan wide creative freedom .


Caravaggio Sacrifice of Isaac

Monty not only sponsor Caravaggio Cardinal will also introduce him to other wealthy collectors , so his career to the next level , Caravaggio 's mansion in Montagu lived nearly four years , has become well-known painter, Monty Cardinal even use their influence, as Caravaggio 's first public commission to secure the case for France 's Louis ─ ─ painted church " St. Matthew by Zhao ," " St. Matthew Passion ," " St. Matthew and the angel " three to the theme of the works of St. Matthew , this three works completed in 1600 caused a sensation , they represent a new painting techniques, as Caravaggio brought a lot of wealth and reputation .


Caravaggio Tooth Puller
 AD 1601 , Caravaggio left Monty Cardinal 's residence and moved into the richest man in Rome, where A Qi Kou . Mattei (Ciriaco Mattei) mansion , living in the mansion Lajoie slips in her own room on the third floor , large enough to be used when the studio is not only free accommodation , Qi Kou Village A will pay for his painting, but also not only for Caravaggio Qi Kou Village a painting can freely take the case , at this time , 28 year-old Rome, Caravaggio seems to have become the highest prices painter.

Gio Fan art critic . Pietro . Bello Lane (Giovan Pietro Bellori) case described the " arrest of Jesus " : " Judas kissed God , the hand on his shoulder , a panoply soldier put his arm wrapped armored hand toward God in the chest ; God patiently and humbly stood, hands in front of cross buckle ; behind him , you can see St. John's open arms to escape . " black box decorated with gold , red curtain hanging wire cover ear , n Mattei family in the painting period, Caravaggio completed the famous " arrest Jesus ' Caravaggio paintings.

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